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Silk pillowcase

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Pillowcase with silk zipper

Silk is a wonderful natural material with many good properties:

  • Inhibits the development of an allergic reaction - Ideal for people with sensitive skin or babies
  • Reduces facial skin friction against the pillow, helping so to prevent wrinkles and swelling in the morning
  • Natural silk fibers absorb little moisture, so night creams and oils stay on the skin longer
  • Helps keep hair healthy and shiny - friction between the hair and the pillow is kept to a minimum, thus preventing fractures and tufts

Material: 100% mulberry silk 

Technique: Knitted, 300 turns

NB! Due to the corona pandemic, delivery may be delayed a bit (but sometimes even earlier).

Silk care instructions

  • Wash by hand in cool water, separate from other items
  • Do not allow to dry in the sun


Why Mulberry silk is different from other types of silk
Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk that can be purchased. Mulberry silk is unique because of the way it is produced. Mulberry silk has its own history in China, where local farmers grow Mulberry trees and harvest leaves to feed on silkworms. The resulting cocoons are spun into raw silk fibers.

Because Bombyx mori moth is fed only Mulberry leaves, the silk is derived from the best silk available in the world. Mulberry silk, which is pure in color and consists of individual long fibers, is more refined than other types of silk.

Other types of silks, such as natural silk or Habotai silk, are less uniform in color and texture, with shorter fibers. Products made of 100% mulberry silk are the most durable and produce the most luxurious silk products.

The unique advantage of Mulberry silk is that it is 100% natural, odorless and hypoallergenic. Mulberry silk contains a natural protein called sericin, which reduces the chance of an allergic reaction. Therefore, Mulberry silk bedding is a healthy and safe choice for allergy sufferers.

NB! Due to COVID-19, delivery may be slightly delayed

Silk pillowcase

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